Tracking Eye Movements on Websites

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Website Eye Movements - Testing Lauren Bach

Website Eye Movements – Testing Lauren Bach


At the end of March I received an invitation from Gary Hoover to visit the University of Texas School of Information where Gary is serving as the Entrepreneur in Residence. Gary is featured on the Speaker’s page at itmWEB:

During the visit we offered the chance to see the website content research labs in action. A test subject is fitted with an array of sensors and cameras which track the real-time eye movements on a webpage – and then the recording technology plays back the tracking trails across the website in slow motion so a researcher can see where your eyes were moving as each new page is displayed.


Website Eye Movements Lauren Bach

Website Eye Movements – Testing Lauren Bach


We could really see the value of the lab for getting quantitative data showing the effectiveness of web designs as well as ad placements. The movement of the eyes across a webpage really shows where the subject’s attention is being focused – especially based on the type of content being displayed as well as the design principles which were utilized.

If a company is spending millions on a website presence or a display ad placement – this technology seems like a winner for gauging design effectiveness and potential improvement opportunities.


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