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A Few Classic Past Postings

January 20th, 2013


A few selected classic selected past postings from the old blog:


Past Blog Posts


These postings from 1997-2005 can now be read from this page:


Most are technology predictions that we made back then which hit the mark – hopefully we can continue to do just as well in the years ahead…


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New Home

January 4th, 2013


It’s a huge change – but we are starting fresh …


All of our past blogs and discussion forums been sent to the digital trash bin (after 18 years and thousands of postings). We started this adventure in 1996 and we are still going strong in 2013! Cleaning out the old material was a painful but needed change.


However – every bit of the past TechWeekly and itmWEB content has been archived – and some selected postings have already been republished at our mothership website We may still republish some of the classic content from the past from time to time if it has application for today’s state of technology in business.


This new blog will start where the old one left off by continuing to make new insightful weekly postings about:


– Current technology news events

– Futuristic developments for IT

– Summaries of our current research findings

– Reports from events and conferences

– Best practice write-ups for IT operations, methods, and management

– Viewpoints about current trends and developments


Our intent is to also invite our experts, associates, and affiliates share cutting edge content through this resource as well.


Thanks to all our regular readers and if you are visiting for the first time – come back often for a weekly dose of informed insights and predictions about information technology.


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